funny hypnotist-William Mitchell

William Mitchell is one of the 7 founding Board Members of ISHA and he promotes ethical and professional comedy hypnosis performances by Stage Hypnotists


Book the WILLIAM MITCHELL Clean Comedy Hypnosis Show for YOUR event! Create impactful memories that your audience will be talking about for months!

William Mitchell is one of the funniest and most entertaining Stage Hypnotists. He performs all over the United States.

  • Thousands of People Hypnotized.
  • William Mitchell has preformed at Colleges and Universities all over the Country
  • William has Headlined State and County fairs and Corporate Events


What is a Comedy Hypnosis Show?

A William Mitchell Comedy Hypnosis Show generates audience participation. His programs are funny, fast-paced, and tasteful and most of all fun for the audience and all volunteers.

Hypnosis Show Pre-Talk

Every performance begins with a brief and interactive introduction to hypnosis. The audience engagement gets everyone excited to be a part of the show.

Volunteer Participation

Every Pre-Talk leads to a group of self-selecting volunteers who are invited to take a seat on stage. The volunteers are rapidly hypnotized into a comfortable trance state, and then the fun begins!

The hypnotic trance creates focus and heightened awareness. Hypnotized volunteers are truly “in the zone”. Volunteers role-play in various comedy routines, while the audience is laughing out loud!

Clean Comedy Entertainment

You’ll see hypnotized volunteers dancing, singing and smelling things.. Someone else gets convinced they’ve “won the lottery”! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!

Lasting Impression

People in attendance will be THRILLED with the show. They linger after the performance to talk, and share stories. They depart with sincere appreciation of your quality event.


hypnotist william mitchell puts his volunteers to sleep
comedy hypnotist william mitchell has volunteers dance

The WILLIAM MITCHELL Hypnosis Show Experience:

  • Audience volunteers become the stars!
  • Everyone is laughing and applauding wildly!
  • Even difficult audiences are drawn into the action!
  • Clean comedy entertainment suitable to everyone in attendance.
  • Funny Hypnotist

Book a Hypnosis Show for Your Event?

This Comedy Hypnosis Show is interactive, unique and engaging. Have confidence that booking this performance will EXCEED everyone’s expectations.

A tastefully executed Hypnosis Entertainment program is incredibly thrilling. Your own audience members are the true stars of the show!

You’ll receive credit for having insight to book such outstanding event entertainment. Your peers will be talking about the show for years to come!

  • Your guests are going to have a wonderful time.
  • You’ll get a dynamic entertainer that delivers a BIG IMPACT.
  • Everyone will have fun, and you’ll receive compliments on the entertainment!



preparing the volunteers at a University show, hypnotist William Mithell has fun
clean comedy hypnotist gets leg lifts at a High School after-prom
Hypnotist William Mitchell entertains at corporate show
funny hypnotist William Mitchell prepares his college volunteers
The Volunteers are out at hypnotist William Mitchell's University show

Booking a William Mitchell Hypnosis Show at your event means… 

  • You are guaranteeing an unforgettable and memorable event

  • Laughter from your audience watching funny momments from the stage

A stage full of volunteers doing unbelievably things including speaking made up languages, feeling non existent temperature changes, singing, dancing, seeing aliens or TV cameras and SO MUCH MORE

William Mitchell also sprinkles in relevant educational moments during his show, demonstrating the power of the mind in hypnotism. His clean, funny and educational show is wonderful for school assemblies, after prom, project graduation, college welcome week, university shows, sorority rush parties,conventions, and corporate holiday parties.

William Mitchell is also a certified consulting Hypnotist who can help you Lose Weight and stop smoking. He has helped thousands of people live a better life and is available to help you. If you need help, please reach out to William at his professional page PERSONAL MOTIVATION HYPNOSIS CLINIC

William Mitchell can also teach others to become a Hypnotist.  For more information check out the MITCHELL INSTITUTE



“We couldn’t have asked for a better show!!” McDonalds

“A fantastic hypnotist and a wonderful keynote speaker.” New York Life

“We would definitely hire him again.” Pioneer

“Everyone at the party was very entertained.” State Of Illinois

“Thanks again for a GREAT evening!!” 4H State Convention

“I laughed so hard I was crying.”

“The show was excellent!”

“We loved it!” Bank Of Quincy

William Mitchell was a Late-Night Showcase Performer at the 2013 APCA Nationals.

“The whole crowd enjoyed every minute.” SHG

“We Cannot stop talking about it!” Mizzu

“Big Fun. We loved it” Oklahoma State

“Everybody had a blast” Kansas State

“William Mitchell was a HIT” Ivy Tech

“Very entertaining!” Indiana University

“The Perfect balance of professionalism and stage presence.” Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

“I would highly recommend Dr. William Mitchell.“ Neoga

“The audience was educated and entertained!” Lone Star College

“The kids and parents love it!” Mexico Public Schools

“He was an amazing performer!” Mt Zion