Here’s What You Need to Know!
On this page, you’ll find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about bringing Comedy Hypnotist William Mitchell or one his team of hypnotists to your event.
FYI- You are in good hands. Clean Comedy Stage Hypnotist William Mitchell performs over 70 hypnosis shows every year at events just like yours!
Our team of hypnotists perform another 150 shows each year.
 Should I create a list of volunteers for the show?
No. It is not helpful to your performance to make a list of volunteers. You may want to encourage volunteers in advance of the event, but the hypnotist choses whom will to be in the hypnosis show. The Stage Hypnosis Show volunteers are NOT chosen by the entertainer. In fact, each participant is actually a volunteer.
Only audience members that are willing participants will be invited to come on stage.
Comedy Stage Hypnotist William Mitchell or one of his team of hypnotists will begin with a talk that is positive and humorous about hypnosis that is designed to get your audience members excited to participate.
 Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows utilize self-selecting volunteers
Your performer is an expert at putting your audience members at ease with a pre-talk designed to get people excited about participating. The pre-talk mentions the misconceptions about hypnosis in a humorous way. Usually the hypnotist will lead the entire group in suggestibility tests that reveal that almost everyone can quickly enter the hypnotic state at a light, medium or very deep level! The result is that you will be pleased by the motivation of your audience to become a part of the show. Some want to be the star of the show! Others want to laugh and watch. We need both!
Can I make the performance a surprise for our guests?
 NO, not recommended! It is far better to let your guests know in advance about the hypnosis show and that the hypnotist will be inviting audience members to volunteer.  Hypnosis works with best with the psychological principle of positive expectation. By promoting your show in advance of the event with your audience:
  1. You’ll give your people something interesting to talk about.
  2. They’ll have something fun and specific to anticipate!
  3. Both the quality and quantity of your volunteer participation will be enhanced by the positive expectation you build about the hypnosis show and the skill of the hypnotist. Informing the audience that William Mitchell is also a Pastor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, hypnosis instructor and former medical school adjunct faculty, may create more trust in the caliber of the show.
Do Stage Hypnosis volunteers truly have fun?
It is important to note that a Stage Hypnosis Show can be very funny without embarrassing the participants. It is the hypnosis that is amazing and funny, so we only use clean comedy.So volunteers are all treated with respect as the true stars of the show.
After the performance, they’ll feel great and be very glad they participated. They are delighted to discover that they possess the gift of excellent hypnotic ability that may also be used for many forms of self-improvement.William Mitchell, as an instructor of hypnotism, can explain and demonstrate the positive possibilities that excellent hypnotic subjects possess. 
How long is a Stage Hypnosis Show? What do we need?
The Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show is 45, 60,75 or 90 minutes in length depending on the needs of your event. (The price/fee does not change based upon the number of minutes.) You will need to provide 12-20 chairs in a straight row facing the front of the audience. If it is a student event, high school or college, 20 chairs. Adult events usually 12-16 chairs will be adequate.
If the hypnotist is driving to your event, they will probably bring a sound system. If your hypnotist is flying in to perform, they will need access to a sound system with a cordless microphone. We are all insured as hypnosis entertainers with liability insurance, however, none of our hypnotists have ever needed to file an insurance claim for a hypnosis show. Safety and respect are primary in our approach.
What is the cost of a Stage Hypnosis Show?
Posting a flat fee is impossible due to the many variables involved in planning each unique event.  To make your planning as simple as possible, we’ll quote you an all-inclusive flat fee that includes travel expenses. The price/fee does not change based upon the number of minutes.
If your group has an exact fee for budgeting purposes, we can match your budget with one of our team. The only additional expense may be a hotel room for the performer. This is booked and paid directly by the client.
Go to the Contact William Mitchell page of this website to fill out a simple form that gives us all the details we need to quote you a fee for your event.
 Do you perform at events in our area?
Yes. Clean Comedy Stage Hypnotist William Mitchell and his team of hypnotists travel to all areas of the United States to perform hypnosis shows.